What are educators saying about HEART’s programs?

photoHEART’s lessons address important human rights, animal welfare and environmental protection issues and have been received very well by both our teachers and students. Their work opened the door to continued discussion and valuable follow-up work including applied learning applications. We recommend that their programs be more widely implemented in NYC public schools. The organization’s commitment to compassion and education is clear.
Arlene Rattien, Magnet Coordinator
P.S. 206, Queens

“Humane Education programs are highly motivational for students who are intrigued by learning more about the world of animals and the environment. We strongly applaud the HEART programs and urge principals and staff developers throughout New York City to bring these programs to their teachers and students.”
Sheila Schwartz, Ed.D., Chairperson
United Federation of Teachers Humane Education Committee

“Students are now more aware of what is going on in the world. In science class they connect a lot of topics discussed in HEART to what they are learning.”
Abigail Diaz-Crofts, NYC Middle School Teacher

“HEART’s program makes students think about things they might not get exposure to otherwise.”
Chris Bozzone, NYC Middle School Teacher

“You taught the kids that it is ‘cool to care’ and that they can make a change in the community. Please come back next year!”
NYC public school teacher

“The information given to the kids during the program was very important and should be part of their education and curriculum.”
NYC public school teacher

“A great introduction to the small things each of us could do to make a difference.”
NYC Elementary School Teacher

“What I liked best was the connection between nature and character education, an opportunity to incorporate science and the ELA.”
New York City Elementary School Teacher

What are students saying about our Humane Living Program?

“During the 10 week session given by the HEART program, the class learned about nature. The program focused on issues like animals, habitat destruction, pollution, global warming and endangered species. Dog fighting was something I never heard about. Mr. Bob (our teacher) taught us that dog fighting is a brutal and vicious sport people do to make money. After learning about this, it concerned me how animals are treated badly just for money. I plan to do something about it and one of the ways I will help is by contributing to a fund that will take care of dogs who are abused. I have a Lhasa Apso who has lived with me for 10 years and I would never mistreat or neglect my dog. Out of all the things I learned in the HEART program I have learned to be compassionate to animals. You should not be cruel to animals just because they are not humans. Dogs may not say their happy or sad but you can tell by their behavior whether they are joyful or miserable. Dogs can be great friends. Thank you HEART. I gained knowledge and have a better understanding about nature and animals.” — Alexis

“Thank you for teaching my class about how to be humanitarian. You made us learn about sweatshops, recycling, global warming and every other thing that the Earth has and might be dangerous to society. The videos were great because they gave us a vision on how it feels. The essays gave us more writing skills and practice. That is why I thank you for giving us a vision on how to be humane from now on and once again thank you. I want the world to be how it was a long time back that’s my life’s undertaking.” — Sincerely, Yash

“The changes that I made as a result of the program is to treat animals the way they are supposed to be treated.” — Monifuo

“Thanks for teaching us about protecting the environment. I enjoyed your visiting us and I will teach others what you taught me. I hope Mother Nature’s beauty lasts long.” — Your friend, Ananya

“I appreciate the things you have taught us. It was very nice of you to do so. I think that I will start making more humane choices. It will help me to earn better things in the future.” — Sincerely, Christopher

“I thank you for teaching me and my classmates. When we get older we will help the earth and stop pollution.” — Sincerely, Adam.

“I thank you for all the things you taught me, not to hit a dog or cat or any animal and I thank you for telling me not to throw things in the ocean because whales or fish die by eating this stuff and I thank you Mr. Bob for telling me it’s animals world too, not only ours. And I thank you Mr. Bob for showing me how people work in sweatshops, like for example people there can’t eat or drink or go to the bathroom.” — Daniel

“Thank you for teaching me about Global Warming, pollution, endangered animals and other topics. I was very interested when you taught us about pollution and bullying. I was learning a lot. Now when a bully comes up to me I know what to do.” — From: Steven

“I would like to thank you for teaching my classmates and me about life. Personally, I changed a lot because you taught me how to love animals, help save and change the Earth and try to be nice to others even if they were or are your enemies. I learned so much from you and your organization, so thank you Mr. Bob and thank you HEART program.” — Mamietua

“You really taught me a lot about nature and thanks to you my family knows a lot more about nature as well. I hope you enjoyed your visits to our class and I hope you know that we enjoyed your visits as well. I hope you have a wonderful life.” — Shekara

“I liked the day when we talked about bullying and what it does. It taught me to stop being a show-off and stop hurting people. That lesson was very important. A lot of children in my class needed to understand the concept of bullying. I learned about sweatshops, bullying, dogfights, factory farms, and many other interesting things.” — Michael

“My mom and I discussed sweatshops. We thought that this must have more publicity. Sweatshops are in the United States and in other countries. We should help people that are suffering because of these conditions. We should give information to the President. It should be brought to his attention. So our goal is to spread the word. Stop sweatshops. No More Sweatshops.” — Yash

“I think that the best part of HEART was learning about the horrible things that are happening in this world. I think it is good to learn this so that in the future we can prevent that stuff from happening.
1. I am littering less so even the tiniest part of the ozone layer won’t open up.
2. I am taking better care of my cat and leaving him alone more often.
3. I am choosing to make correct choices more often.”

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